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About Jerry’s Appliance Repair

I started working on appliances in 1980 while living in Salem, Oregon and then in San Francisco, California. After San Francisco, I have been working in Grants Pass, (Southern) Oregon, since 1985. I have now returned back to Salem, Oregon where I am continuing my appliance repair business, bringing it back full circle.

The advances of technology have carried into major household appliances. Many new appliances now are built with computer systems, which can make them very complex and expensive machines. Repurchasing a replacement for these electronic appliances can be costly while repairs are worthwhile and more affordable in most cases.
Jerry Haranczyk
Simply replacing one problematic part may not be the end-all solution. There are possibilities that a broken part is just the tip of the problem. Therefore, accurate and careful diagnosis is necessary to pinpoint the problem for the best and longest lasting repair. I truly enjoy finding these solutions.